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Photo credit: John McCauley (www.jmccauleyphotoservices.com)

Made famous in song by Brendan Behan, Ireland’s Royal Canal runs from Dublin to Longford, in the heart of the Irish Midlands. It’s a man-made waterway, but Nature, as is her wont, has made it her own over the years. It is now home to a myriad of wildlife, and it’s at least as popular with joggers, dog-walkers and nature lovers as it is with the barge owners, cruisers and kayakers who travel its waters. The Royal Canal Community Group is open to  ALL users of the Canal in its 21st century incarnation, and we’d like to welcome you to our website! The Royal Canal Communities Group (RCCG) is open to all users and Communities along the Royal Canal.

Be sure to check our ‘Canal Memories‘ page for some fascinating stories from the Canals rich History, and the ‘Calendar‘ page for events from its equally rich present and future.